Valuation of Odoo ERP from Bangladeshi Perspective



An effective software solution that supports and integrates the business activities, streamlines them in no time, convenient, scalable, easily customizable or modifiable, time-saver yet provides cost-effectiveness is something that everyone looks up to these days. Odoo ERP is such a solution to offer with all the aforementioned qualities to enjoy. This was from business perspective. However, if we look at Odoo ERP from technical perspective we will be able to discover that it is a low-code technology that uses a high-level and platform independent language called Python.

While Python’s simple syntax allows for writing readable code, which can be further applied to complex software development processes to facilitate test-driven software application development, machine learning, and data analytics. Python can run on all the major operating systems, including Windows, Linux, and iOS.

Since it functions on cross-platform operating systems, Python can be used to develop a host of applications, including web apps, gaming apps, enterprise-level applications, ML apps, image processing, text processing, and so much more.

We are gradually entering a new era of low-code technology. This new norm regulates the digital world now with less effort and more output. Now, Odoo is such a low-code platform that specializes in enterprise resource planning (ERP) with over 70 original apps for all-rounded operation, which is an outstanding solution to improve workflow. Using Odoo makes the system store the information across all departments in a single database, which is quick and convenient to manage.

The world is experiencing a fluctuating economic condition now. In order to fight this uncertainty, a solution like Odoo ERP can definitely come handy. Unlike other available ERP solutions in the market, Odoo ERP offers more flexibility in expenditure which allows its users to pick the right apps comfortably to increase business competency with cost-effectiveness, especially for SME users. Again, it is wise to choose Odoo ERP for its scalability since a business can grow and get bigger with time.

The Odoo ERP system focuses on the integration of corporate processes, which provide a list of advantages for business:

  • Real-time business process monitoring.
  • Alerts are sent across departments.
  • Enterprise-level strategy planning
  • Management that is centralized, online, and available from any device.
  • Flexibility in adding apps as your business expands.
  • Orders are processed, accounts are updated, and notifications are triggered.
  • Manufacturing and supply chain management.
  • Keeping track of recruitment and hiring.
  • Payroll, benefits, and personal information are all managed

​All the aforementioned criteria have increased the popularity and usage of Odoo ERP. A number of software developing firm in Bangladesh are thus getting interested in either being partner with Odoo or turning into certified reseller of Odoo applications. This has opened a new door for the developer community as well as businesses.

Kolpolok is now partner with Odoo and has taken initiative to provide development solutions as well as consultancy services regarding Odoo. Kolpolok and Odoo can work in perfect collaboration to provide top-notch software solutions for its clients to digitally transform their workflow and make it smoother and improved.

Market Share of Odoo

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Top Competitors

The top three of Odoo’s competitors in the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) category are SAP ECC R/3 with 15.47%, SAP Business One with 8.35%, Microsoft Dynamics AX with 7.41% market share.



Market Share

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Odoo vs SAP ECC R/3

SAP Business One



Odoo vs SAP Business One

Microsoft Dynamics AX



Odoo vs Microsoft Dynamics AX

SAP ERP Central Component (ECC)



Odoo vs SAP ERP Central Component (ECC)

SAP Production Planning (SAP PP)



Odoo vs SAP Production Planning (SAP PP)

Tally ERP



Odoo vs Tally ERP

Microsoft Dynamics ERP



Odoo vs Microsoft Dynamics ERP




Odoo vs Infor

Sage X3



Odoo vs Sage X3

Customers of Odoo

Around the world in 2023, over 14472 companies have started using Odoo as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) tool.

Odoo Customers by Industry

The three top industries that use Odoo for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) are ERP (425), Odoo (386), CRM (266).

Odoo Customers by Geography

The top three geographies of Odoo for enterprise-resource-planning-erp are the United States with 1,966(26.15%), Belgium with 960(12.77%), France with 826(10.99%) customers respectively.

To sum up, Odoo ERP is a powerful tool that can help businesses improve their efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance customer satisfaction- all at once. That’s why it is widely accepted all over the globe. With its wide-ranging suite of features, scalability, and flexibility, Odoo ERP is an ideal solution for businesses in Bangladesh looking to streamline their operations and determine to grow more in 2023 and onwards.

Kolpolok provides Odoo Project Consultancy, Odoo Implementation & Support that will help SMEs in Bangladesh to transform their businesses digitally. Contact us to learn more about what benefits Odoo ERP can bring for your business and make a difference.

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