Odoo ERP for Manufacturing

The ultimate production control tool

Manufacturing, a form of commodity production which was established right in the ice ages, has evolved out to be the one that we now know as the production aspect involving automation. The production management tools should be able to function with numerous constraints and control centers of operation.


Manufacturing is not only about production

Odoo with the dedicated modular infrastructure has a well-defined Manufacturing management module providing you complete control and 360-degree visibility of the various stages of the manufacturing process. Odoo holds dedicated operational tools which will be helpful in the planning, execution of the production process, running quality check and sending it out to warehouses or customers.


Master production schedule


Automation embedded


Modernized interface


Complete management and visibility


Dedicated infrastructure


Engineering and planning tools

Dedicate manufacturing management module

The manufacturing module will act as the control center for all your production operations in your facility

 Plan your manufacturing operations

 Define work centers

 Create work orders

 Draft bill of materials and assign to products and product categories

 Product and raw material routing

 Process control panels

 Overall equipment effectiveness management

 Define master production schedule

 Create work orders

 Run subcontracting in a well-defined way

 Effectively generate and manage by-products

 Assign manufacturing lead times