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The Odoo​ ERP

Odoo is a complete business management software solution capable of performing all company functions. Established in 2005 by Fabien Pinckaers the Odoo was initially called TinyERP. The platform started to grow quickly and Version 8 was named Odoo. The software continued to embark on its business management as aspects making the developers release two new editions of the platform since version 9. The community and the enterprise edition are different in certain operational capabilities. Today Odoo is at version V16 which is considered as one of the most advanced as well as the fastest Odoo ever released.

With more than 7 million users all across the world Odoo ERP is stretched to become one of the most used business management software, all tracks to the reliability, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness in operations. One of the key reasons for this growth is the open-source feature of the Odoo ERP making it useful for all. Odoo also provides more than 40560 add-on modules including both paid and free apps, which provides additional and thus grow your business in ease of operations.

Why Odoo?

With its modular approach to business operations, Odoo ERP has application-specific modules which are interconnected to deliver reliable, efficient, and cost-effective business operations. Moreover, the Odoo ERP platform has a centralized approach in operations with one central inventory management system to run the retail, wholesale, and e-commerce operations of the company in an effective way. Additionally, one central database stores all the information of the company enabling effective communication both internally and externally.

Odoo has a free community version with limited functionality and an enterprise version. The Odoo Community version is free but with limited functionality. The Enterprise version, on the other hand, has a license, is for a fee and adds various commercial and service functions to the community version. Please see the comparison video on the operational aspects of the Odoo enterprise and community edition.

Advance of Odoo ERP


High Quality at reasonable price

Outstanding ERP solution


Proven Product with Users

Globally Accepted Application


Open Source

No Vendor Lock-in Frequent Product Growth


4000+ Ready to use Modules​ 

Fully Integrated Modules

One Platform to satisfy your complete business needs

Simple, Efficient, yet Affordable

 Get your Preferred Apps

What makes Odoo ERP stand out from its competitors?

Odoo is an open-source business management ERP that is considered one of the advanced and reliable tools for business operations management. Here are certain aspects of the Odoo platform which makes it stand out:

 No vendor lock on the software

 Proven ERP with more than 7 Million users

 Wide range of business management features

 40,560+ supporting add-ons available from the Odoo apps store

 A dedicated Odoo community to support the platform for its users.

Odoo ERP enterprise Vs community editions:

As mentioned above Odoo has two editions of the software which can be availed by you the community and the enterprise edition, both for business management of the institution, based on the levels, users, number of employees, and many more aspects. Here is a comparison video on the operational aspects of the Odoo enterprise and community edition.

Odoo Community Feature

Compare Odoo VS SAP

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Compare Odoo VS MS. Dynamics

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Compare Odoo VS ERP Next

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Compare Odoo VS Netsuit

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Compare Odoo VS Sage

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Odoo ERP modules

Every modules in the Odoo ERP serves specific functions and they are integrally works to achieve the business goal