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Website and E-Commerce platform

An ultimate Website & E-Commerce platform development solution

Website & E-Commerce

  Website: A company website can be one of the best platforms for business to showcase the operations of the establishment. The Odoo offers easy and trendy solution in designing and developing a functional website that is configurable and manageable from every aspect. Even a non-professional person can develop a website with Odoo having simple features.       

E-commerce: Online business platforms have become one of the key areas of business today. The Odoo e-commerce management provides provisions for you to develop and arrange a multi-vendor e-commerce platform, sell products through it and manage the whole operation with various functional tools and payment options available.

       Open source



       SEO Optimized & Device Responsive

       Comprehensive Dashboard

       Multi-Vendor enabled

       Easy integration of Google Analytics & Payment Gateway 

 Adaptive products

​Your products are as unique as your clients: display their many facets by ​configuring sizes, colors, and other variants.

 Automated stock management

​Stock is updated for each variant in real time.

 Upselling and cross-selling

​Effortlessly bump up revenue and retention.

Other Feat​ures


Shapes and Animations

Get stunning visual effects and animate blocks, texts, and backgrounds with impressive effects



Your website automatically gives complete understanding of your customers across devices and platforms



Write search engine-friendly content with Odoo SEO tool


Copyright-free illustrations

Discover a wide range of high-resolution photos available on the library to prettify your website



Your website is automatically adapted on all devices and you can decide what is visible on mobile or not.



Install different languages and translate the content directly from any page.