Hospital Management

The Complete Hospital Management System

The hospital management system can bring exceptional changes to elevate the operation of your hospital service. Odoo will let you have complete control over the numerous hospital management modules offered by Odoo which will help the hospital staff manage the operations of the hospital and pharmacy to serve their patients. Along with all the other integrated modules for managing the hospital, Odoo can be the ultimate solution provider for managing a hospital.

Hospital Management

At a glance of Hospital Management Full System


Doctor's Appointment


Lab Management




Ward Management


Human Resource


Surgery Management


Advance Cash Management




Ambulance Service


Inventory Management


Pharmacy Management


Admission Management


Patient Portal


Attendance Management




Blood Management


Prescription Management​


Optics Shop


Investigation Management


Doctor Portal

Manage doctors and patients operations efficiently

 Online and offline prescription management

 Manage doctor and patient portal

 Allocate doctors

 Define salary structure

 Attendance and time off management

 Online and offline ambulance service

 Employee profile and payroll

 Human Resource management

 Doctors' Appointment

 Archiving data

The various dedicated modules available in the Odoo platform will aid in the functional management of the patients from getting a doctor's appointment to admission in the hospital

Hospital Management

Processing each function with significance is vital in managing a hospital. Achieving patients' satisfaction and serve them in time is crucial and Odoo has an exact match in terms of Hospital Management defined for the same purpose

 Generate doctors profile

 Pharmacy and Inventory management

 Surgery management

 Admission management

 OPD management

 Doctor's appointment and follow up

 Prescription management

 Lab Report management

 Blood management

 Ward management

How can our Hospital Management be of help?

Kolpolok Technologies- the prominent Odoo partner, is now all set to provide Hospital management solutions to its clients. We have calculated and explicitly designed our Hospital management system in Odoo and are fully aware of the various constraints in it for the custom development of the software as per your requirement. In order to run a hospital as per its operational requirements, we can bring in any form of modification as well as configuration through the Odoo platform.